Watch PWG All Star Weekend 9

Watch PWG All Star Weekend 9 Night one and two.



  • These damn shows are amazing! The reason why PWG puts on great shows is because they only do shows once a month at the least. They have no pressure.
    Kevin Steen & The Unbreakable Fucking Machines vs. AR Fox & The Inner City Machine Guns from Night 2 is my favorite match of the whole weekend.

  • sahsir

    Why dailymotion videos are removed?

    • ProfessorCheese

      Copyright removals.

  • Adam

    Will you upload every PWG show ?

  • BookerC5x

    Just to let an Admin know, the Putlocker videos have also been taken down 🙁

    • ProfessorCheese

      Reuploaded it.

      • g

        Can you upload threemendous III?

      • Sejanoz

        They’ve been taken down again.

  • Auranga’BAD GUY’

    You are the greatest thing that happened to IWC.

  • Luki

    Thanks a lot for uploading, this site is amazing !
    I have 2 questions though

    #1 : Will you upload every new PWG show from now on ?

    #2 : Can you please upload BOLA 2012 or Failure To Communicate ? Thanks, keep up the good work

    • ProfessorCheese

      1) Yes, once it comes to DVD.

      2) I couldn’t find that.

      • Luki

        Thanks a lot, I’ve already pre-ordered Is Your Body Ready ?, but I won’t be able to buy every show.

  • Luki

    Can you upload PWG Steenwolf ? ( where Generico and Steen had that ladder match ) If you can’t find that show can you just upload some old PWG shows starting from 2010-2012?

  • G

    Can you PLEASE upload Threemendous III?

  • WrestlingFan

    Can you please upload Is Your Body Ready? Thanks.

  • Carl Maddison

    I’ve clicked to share the links through google+ and it doesn’t let me unlock them

    • ProfessorCheese

      try refreshing after clicking that. It works.

      • Carl Maddison

        hmmm, it didn’t work so I tried it through internet explorer instead of Chrome and it has. I’m not really sure what the crack is with it but it’s obviously my end, thank you anyway 🙂

  • jerodbowden

    can u post pwg threemendous and steenwolf

  • rasslerman

    Thanks for the links. Unfortunately, all of the links are dead. I was able to get through the first segment of Night 2. Any chance someone could do a new upload? This is the first PWG event I’ve watched and I’ve loved it so far. I’d love to able to finish it. Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.

  • Juan Cena

    links are dead

  • Wildan Mukarram

    please reupload

  • rasslerman

    Thanks for the new links, much appreciated!

  • Panama City Playboy

    Are the links down or something? Because no matter how many times I share, they won’t show up.


    Every “Night One” link except for Movreel & Youwatch are 2013 BOLA ones. So could they be replaced ASAP?

  • El Generico-Olé

    Can you upload Steenwolf?

  • vindas

    Hey, can you please reupload the All Star Weekend 9 videos? Because all of them are the BOLA ones.


    Just like to point out, I think it’s the Vidhog link, is porn