Watch TNA iMPACT Wrestling 1/31/13
Watch TNA iMPACT Wrestling 1/31/13 – Janurary 31st 2013 Online – 01/31/13


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  • Pinkapple32

    Omg she’s so desperate

    • ejmc

      i found that so cringe-y. If someone hasn’t invited you round to a party/gathering/etc either brood to yourself or bring it up privately.

      • fat

        Ohhh please (name). EVERYONE knows you don’t socialise OR drink. :rofl:

  • Blowjobbecckie

    Fame/positions are not always the result of being successful or working hard. It’s a who you know, not what you can do, kind of world 💔.

    • Blowjobbecckie

      Just because some people are famous or have ‘exciting’ careers/jobs, doesn’t mean that they work harder than those working in other fields : ).

      • Blowjobbecckie

        Working in retail is hard and I don’t think people appreciate how tiring/hard it is, until they have a job in that sector! It’s not ‘easy’.

        • Blowjobbecckie

          When your the only sales girl (reeking of your work place), in a train carriage full to the brim with suited businessmen… It’s awkward!

          • rockbear

            The chip on her shoulder is showing this week.

          • rockbear

            Actually Rebecca, working in retail is tiring but it’s not hard.

            It may be physically exhausting being on your feet all day and talking to people but that doesn’t make it hard. It’s a job requiring no skills, with almost no responsibility or difficulties or consequences beyond having to deal with rude customers. That’s why shops all other the world are run by children, teenagers and students with no skills, qualifications or training specific to the job except how to work a till. Because it’s an easy job that almost anyone can do. I worked in retail for years and I would never argue that it’s a hard job, it’s just tiring.

            Many professional jobs require high levels of stress and responsibility and hours of unpaid work at home plus years of training and qualifications to even get started on the career ladder. Lots of jobs affect people’s lives and there can be real consequences if you mess up. You may have hundreds of tasks to juggle at once and you will be held accountable for every ball you drop. Retail just doesn’t compare and of course Rebecca has nothing to compare it to.

            If you think that you need connections to get somewhere then you aren’t working hard enough for what you want.

          • SmileLikeYouMeanIt

            Maybe she means mentally draining instead of hard? I’ve worked in a busy retail place and it can be quite hard.
            As for “connections” to get you certain places that is very true in that line of work- expcially in the ones she wants to do.

          • rockbear

            I think it’s pretty clear from the wording of her tweets and her comparisons to other jobs that she doesn’t just mean mentally draining. She’s arguing with people on twitter about it too.

            I worked in retail for many many years and I’m fully aware of how mentally draining it is, but Rebecca is arguing that all jobs are equal in terms of how much “hard work” they are and that simply isn’t true.

            Yes connections are helpful but they’re not something you can rely on and the majority of people get their careers through hard work. As I said, if you think that you need connections and you give up because you don’t have any…then you don’t want it bad enough and you aren’t working hard enough.

            Neither I nor any of my acquaintances had the luxury of connections to get us where we are, it took years of work instead. Rebecca expects everything to be handed to her on a plate and it’s “damaging” and “hurtful” and “traumatising” if she doesn’t get what she wants.

          • SmileLikeYouMeanIt

            Sorry I meant in “film/acting” work. Because thats what I assumed her tweet was about. You do need connections in that sort of work.

          • burnnn

            This is unbelievable. That Tweeter argument… Whenever someone doesn’t agree with her, she immediately accuse them of hurting/insulting her AND OTHER PEOPLE (!). Even when the other person’s point was fully explained and it made sense, in my opinion. This is so manipulative! And that unnecessary sarcasm… She’s such a toxic person.

          • jitterbug

            Funny how she suddenly started protecting her tweets after so many of them have been in the conversation this week.

          • kurohato

            I wish she would stop comparing her life to having cancer…

  • Blowjobbecckie

    When everyone on your feed is doing something that you’ve been left out of…. again.