Watch TNA iMPACT Wrestling 7/25/13
Watch TNA iMPACT Wrestling 7/25/13 – July 25th 2013 – 07/25/13


Part 1 Part 2


Part 1 Part 2


iMPACT Wrestling, TNA

  • Albino

    good show. wwe is more predictable than tna

    • conor

      wwe is better

      • Albino

        i am just sayng that in wwe you alwayas know who win

      • A.H.Hardy

        TNA is better


    great show man

  • Bushido

    If they would of given Bully the World Title I would’ve stopped watching TNA

  • Josh Watson

    Great Impact. Very entertaining and great matches

  • me

    bully ray is acting like he havent hit 100000000 people with hammers

    • Glittergangster


  • Albu

    why isnt jeff hardy in wwe anymore ..

  • Velka wallace

    extremely entertaining impact, loved the knockouts match and the ensuing storyline with odb; real PRO WRESTLING stuff!!

  • j

    TNA is really coming into there own. The current Knockouts division have made me, for the first time in along time, interested in womans wrestling. Manic vs Sabin next week will be sick. And this angry AJ styles is immense. The main event mafia is a little weak though and I was looking forward to Angle vs Rampage but i’ll guess i’ll have to wait for that.

  • error

    why cant i watch the link anymore? it writes error msg…i log on via chrome browser.
    can somone help?

    • Albino

      it works for me

  • Daz

    why is the daily motion vids like jumping along the screen so you can only see half