Watch TNA Lockdown 2013
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EVENT: Lockdown 2013

DATE: March 10, 2013

CITY: San Antonio, Texas

VENUE: Alamodome

THEME SONG: “Seduce and Destroy” by OTEP

TNA Lockdown 2013 Match Card

Steel Cage Match for the World Title
Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy

Lethal Lockdown
Sting, James Storm, Magnus, Eric Young and Samoa Joe vs. Devon, Doc, Mr. Anderson, Mike Knox and Garett Bischoff

TNA Tag Team Title Match
Hernandez & Chavo Guerrero vs. Daniels & Kazarian vs. Bobby Roode & Austin Aries

TNA Knockouts Title Match
Gail Kim vs. Velvet Sky

TNA X Division Title Match
Christian York vs. Zema Ion vs. Kenny King

Steel Cage Match
Wes Brisco vs. Kurt Angle

Singles Match
Robbie E. vs. Rob Terry

Singles Match
Joey Ryan vs. Joseph Park

Before The Bell


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    Love TNA, cant wait to see lockdown ;D

  • Dylan

    How long is this event?

    • Dylan

      In time

  • getchapull77

    Where is the links

  • dwayne harlan

    where the links?

    • ProfessorCheese

      Will be posted later after the show. You can watch it live for now.

  • smash0892

    fucking kick ass ending this will make the story so much better

  • I kinda was wondering if there would be a turn coat/sides changing during the “Lethal Lockdown Match” but that kind of happened in the next match and it was “kind of” due in the essence it was a revellation of Position: 😛 🙂 B.R is the A&E leader….

  • Maximilian Lochmann

    damn that was the best motherfuckin heel turn ive ever seen!!!! TNA!TNA!TNA!

  • Kirkpatrick

    Nnnnoooo jeff hardy lost .. Fuk you bully ray you trater !!!

  • fuck you bitch bully ray

  • trollino

    omg that blonde ref’s weave came off lol

  • O.J.

    I just hope that Hulk and Sting will bring more bad duds into the game (tna) to battle E&A, bcos one can`t get a one on one fight with them due to numbers game. And now that we know the president a TRAITOR, I just wish them all HHHHEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLL.

  • RawCena

    Fuck is Bully Ray + Aces Eights = Why Joins Bully Ray of aces eights :c

  • jamie lords

    I don’t know where to start so I’ll just mention the heel turn of Bully Ray. I thought it was necessary to heat TNA up that much more. I didn’t know how they would accomplish this, but it seemed to have one of the best endings of a TNA pay-per-view for a long time. I loved how Bully gained heat with the live crowd at the end of the show and did the whole handshake routine with Devon (marking a reunion.) Overall this was an unforgivable pay-per-view and they can develop their story-lines after all the unique twists and turns at Lockdown.

  • I’ve got to give Bully Ray mad props for an unforgettable twist to the end of the pay-per-view


    has aces and eights taken over tna for real?


    yeah wwe is for kids tna is for man yeah


    hell yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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