Watch UFC 162: Silva vs. Weidman
Watch UFC 162: Silva vs. Weidman – July 6th 2013 – 7/6/13


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  • Pun

    Thanks a million,

  • Dp

    Anderson Silva wat an idiot ihope he dont win that belt again

    • Dunno

      Yes , Silva was easy to beat he wasnt fighting-_-

  • Roger

    Thanks for the upload and Thank You Chris Weidman, I hate show boats and he got what he deserved, so much so that he dont even want a rematch. Hell yeahhhhhhh NEW CHAMP!!!

  • pete

    We have a new champion, but lets not get ahead of ourselves here guys….Silva is greatest of all time.

    • Steven3331

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      • JonBonerJones

        Let’s be honest… Who gives a fuck! Take your spam and shove it up your ass!

  • Chuck Liddell

    You can hate Silva, but you have to admit, he is one of the greatest fighter’s in MMA up to date.

    • JonBonerJones

      I agree which is why I upvoted you

  • Charlie Tyler Deaver

    so happy Silva got his block knocked off!

  • Anderson Silva is usually never that cocky and that is the only reason Chris Weidman won that fight, I am disappointed that Silva gave that to Weidman screwing around & showing off, but trust and believe if he wasn’t showing off Weidman would have lost, there will be a rematch and Weidman will lose!!!!! Silva is still the champ in my book!!!!

  • Ed Foster

    Where is UFC-98? Silva is hebephrenic.