Watch WWE Elimination Chamber 2014
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EVENT: Elimination Chamber 2014

DATE: February 23, 2014

CITY: Minneapolis, Minnesota

VENUE: Target Center

THEME SONGS: “Doomsday” by Nero

WWE Elimination Chamber 2014 Match Card

Elimination Chamber for the WWE World Heavyweight Title
Sheamus vs. John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Cesaro vs. Christian vs. Randy Orton

WWE Intercontinental Title Match
Jack Swagger vs. Big E

WWE Tag Team Title Match
The Usos vs. The New Age Outlaws

Alberto Del Rio vs. Batista

The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family

Titus O’Neil vs. Darren Young

Elimination Chamber Kickoff Show
* Goldust & Cody Rhodes vs. Curtis Axel & Ryback


Kickoff Part 1 Part 2 Part 3


Kickoff Part 1 Part 2 Part 3


Kickoff Part 1 Part 2 Part 3


Kickoff Part 1 Part 2 Part 3


Kickoff Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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  • jack williams

    The WWE is a entertainment industry, all they have now is brawls, and im sorry but wrestling is grappling, and holds, and throws, not bralws. vince just wants muscle freaks, like batista and big e, the good wrestlers get pushed aside, im only seventeen, and ive watched wrestling from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s all of it, british japanese american all of it, and i like to think i know what a good wrestler is, example, stone cold and the rock and ric flair, all they were was a mouth, they were brawlers, and thats boring, real wrestlers like dean malenko, william regal, chris benoit, eddie guerrero put shame to austin, and all those.

    see what i mean??

  • imrankps15

    i dont like randy orton.coz he cheated in wrestling.he use some one else to win.i hope cena win next time and take down randy orton.i hate that’s guys..

  • Armin Muminovic

    Thank you very much. Shield vs. Wyatts – highlight of the evening. Big E vs. Jack Swagger was also great. Predictable New Age Outlaws, Batista and Orton wins. Good PPV.

  • rham

    I hate that childish and disrespectful crowd for chanting Let’s go Bryan, Let’s go Cena! During the Shield/Wyatts match..

  • WWE London Fan

    Sorry but waste elimination chamber event ever, not that it
    matters when we fans speak out anyway!!! Too much interference, travelled all
    the way from UK to watch it and won’t be bothering again!! WWE should make it a
    little bit more real and fair-ish for it to be more interesting like before.
    Found it so predictable all the way… disappointing how a secured chamber like
    that can get intruded in that way. Kane was just laying there next to the referees and they didn’t roll him out and secure the chamber… it was so obvious what was coming next considering his beef with Yes Yes Yes!! What’s the point of the chamber then? Love
    the show but a bit more realistic and unpredictable would make us enjoy it more!!
    Disappointed fan!!!

    • cenapunkbryansheamus

      i agree with you, too unfair for the hard-working guy: Sheamus (last for almost 26 mins), Cena (fight hard and eliminated by the Wyatts), Bryan (get hit by the Wyatts, win the match if Kane didn’t do crazy things). What did Randy do to win that match ?? Pin Cena after Wyatts attack and pin Bryan after Kane attack ?? Too devastating to me

  • kevin

    The ending of main event sucks shittt !
    Does every PPV has to end with interference??!!
    Could the creative team think of better ending than interference?
    Whats the point of ‘elimination chamber’ if anyone could go inside the chamber. Absolutely stupid storyline TBH.

    The Wyatt vs The Shield by far the best match and could be considered as one of Match of the Year

  • QuGh

    That was totally fucked up, everytime the authority and their pets “Kane” would do something fucked as usual, they’ve screwed every single ppv match, this is enough.

  • #1 Creature

    Well that was quite predictable !!

  • KILLER007

    It says content rejected due to copyright claim of WWE Mr/ professor Cheesee pls rectify that

    • ProfessorCheese

      it’s reuploaded.

  • sean m0rPhEus

    Wyatts vs. Shield … #MatchOfTheYear

  • Rahim Khan

    The WWE just ruined the match that would´ve probably goed down as one of the top 3 Elimination Chamber matches in history.


    favourite comment of the PPV Michael Cole: “Daniel Bryan is still breathing!”

  • Rahim Khan

    PPV rating 6/10

  • Kurt Cobain

    u can watch WWE Network stuff on here

  • Sonam

    I hate the interruptions.

  • Professor Chocolate

    Why was Daniel Bryan shaking his head at the end?
    In fact as for me, in the future, when i watch the replay of all these things after the events, i will now fast forward to near the end just to make sure that the authority twists it around, so i don’t need to watch the whole battle for nothing.
    Couldn’t the referee have slammed the back of his hand into the floor, or his knuckles, just to make the sound of the last count? Then wouldn’t Daniel Bryan have been champion again?

  • Rurik

    The dailymotion is not working

  • Austinlegend

    if Goldberg will return to wwe oh man that will be bad for every fucker in wwe but there is no why in blue hell that will happened of course

  • bizkit85

    hell year

  • Suresh

    just fuck off. Stephnie is playing the game

  • travieso4822

    Mr cheese can u please reupload it?!