Watch WWE NXT 10/16/13
Watch WWE NXT 10/16/13 – October 16th 2013 – 10/16/13


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  • johan andres

    thanks bro

  • Askylitpichu

    Zayne got screwed

    • Tomee

      Why? Because he pinned Bo while his leg was clearly on the rope? I don’t think so. Bo won fair and square.

      • Luki

        Too many kayfabe comments for me to handle

      • Askylitpichu

        That turnbuckle

  • D’Angelo Eddy Dinero

    Corey Graves should be our next NXT Champion

  • OverratedHeelIndyWrestler

    How was the turnbuckle exposed?

  • steeltownbrown52 .

    I looked up Tony Dawson after viewing this episode, read that WWE had released him late-September. With that shotty play-by-play, I can see why (calls the bulldog a “ddt”, powerbomb a “suplex” and German suplex a “backdrop”). Worst commentary since Scott Stanford’s debut.

  • Rob Bull

    “Bo has Boobies” best call of the night