Watch WWE NXT 6/27/13
Watch WWE NXT 6/27/13 – June 27th 2013 – 06/27/13


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  • ApexPredator

    I’m french and Sylvester Lefort is a shame

  • Trojann Go Perez

    im seriously confused of NXT..
    is Leo krugger heel or face?.. Cause what I see.. Bo dallas is supposed to be face right?> but being boo’ed.Tho I wouldn’t mind making krugger Tween or Face 😀

    • Bloodtitan

      Bo Dallas is a face but the crowd just don’t seem to like him for whatever reason. Although the crowd got behind his finisher, Kruger seems more heelish, given his entrance and how they seem to be setting up Dallas/Kruger. It is hard to tell his alignment when he’s beating jobbers though.

  • Johan Andres Posada Cardona

    thanks bro

  • LukeyWaka

    I really enjoyed this when i finished watching it the diva tournament is kinda interesting just to see who will be the next diva NXT champion but at the same time it will be good to see the debut of the Wyatt family next week on Raw they seem pretty dominat as for Kruger and Dallas…..Kruger is really more Heel towards to his entrance and the he fights just says it all but as they say “actions speak louder then words” is very true now Dallas should be on Raw or atleast Smackdown by now just the way he performs and he has a Championship himself already but it only NXT Championship even so he deserves to be cheered atleast by the crowd i just don’t get why he would be boo’ed