Watch WWE NXT 8/1/13
Watch WWE NXT 8/1/13 – August 1st 2013 – 08/01/13


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  • MarvinF’nSteen

    Man, I love the NXT crowd #NomoreBO #OLE

  • johanpo

    thanks brother

  • *?•??ss ?r?s???•??~*

    The crowd this week = amazing.

  • Crowd

    Bring it down! Bring it down!

  • just saying

    I never heard summer rae talk until now and boy is she terrible

  • Mr Sunday Night

    Sami Zayn should be the next NXT champion.

  • D’Angelo Eddy Dinero

    Charlotte Should Do The Figure Four Leg Lock As Her Finisher

    • Glittergangster

      as one of her finishers

  • Glittergangster


  • ThatGuy

    Dam Bray wyatt promo was awesome lol! gonna be missed on NXT! Also the sheild coming back was cool.. don’t see neville winning us title on a show like nxt! maybe he will get called up and feud with ambrose there.

  • kingofkings163

    i like nxt cool show