Watch WWE NXT ArRIVAL 2014

Watch WWE NXT ArRIVAL 2014 – February 27th 2014 – NXT ArRIVAL 2/27/14


Pre-show Part 1 Part 2


Pre-show Part 1 Part 2


Pre-show Part 1 Part 2


Pre-show Part 1 Part 2


Pre-show Part 1 Part 2


Pre-show Part 1 Part 2

  • gary

    cesaro sum talent sum strength

  • Moises Hijazi

    Omg i just noticed that Bray Wyat is actually Husky Harris back when he was actually a rookie! how could I not see that one coming :’D.

  • ballz

    amazing ppv ohh wait my bad it was free.

  • ballz

    so cal val was there aswell, lol just spotted her lol. where is she from again?

  • ZZKiel

    Oh brother, a Mojo Rawley senior’s section.

  • Víctor Pérez

    Cesaro vs Sami Zayn was awesome!

    • andreas

      Cannot agree more one of the greatest matches i have ever seen hope they are going to wrestle very soon again awsome if its be at wrestlemania 30 😀

  • mr.gogo

    did this show have post show ?

    • Philip27

      No, it didn’t…

  • yo

    Was a decent show showcasing the future stars, i think they need to drop the tag team titles or temporarily vacate them because there’s nothing happening with them, an open challenge from too cool? drop the titles and send the ascension to the main roster waste of time. Opening match was by far the best match of the night, Cesaro/Zayn simply know how to work a match, even though it wasnt as good as 2 out of 3 falls it was still an incredible match. Rawley/Parker just didnt work there match well i just wanted it to end. Womens match was good, and Paige showcases a new submission move, her moveset is more over for me than some of the male wrestlers on the main roster. Ladder match was par for me, question do they keep going with bo dallas or does sami zayn re enter the picture now?

  • JD

    NXT ppv is better the a WWE ppv

  • WWE-Is-Garbage

    Where are all the ECW & WCW ppv’s as promised??

  • Darkfireblaze28

    Adrian Neville is good in the ring but i dont see how him being a champion is going to work i mean he sucks when it comes to mic skills….

    • nasserj.07

      Not everyone has to have mic skills. Many top guys didn’t have mic skills but were incredibly over.

      • bigtimefighter

        just like daniel bryan he sucks on the mic as well.

  • The Naitchure Boy


  • Unique Love

    i must saw NXT Crowd is way better then the wwe idk why but they get all into every match with more passion every move they cheer love ittttt NXT BAD AS* 🙂

  • conkers

    Cesaro vs Zayne was one of the best fights I’ve ever seen. Incredible. Near fall after near fall, the psychology was amazing, the story telling, the moves. Jesus there both going to be huge.

  • Franco

    Don’t you upload all show of wwe network?

    • ProfessorCheese

      All the new original WWE Networks shows. And they are uploaded, that’s all they have now. More will be updated weekly I assume. All the other newer WWE shows are posted in WWE category.

      Older PPVs will be done one at a time whenever I can since there’s a lot of them.

  • andreas

    well i appriciatet all i saw here but that who was the most awsome with nxt arrival was the match between cesaro and sami that match was the greatest match i have seen in a loong looong time they both are the furture of wwe future wwe world havyweight champions thx for a great show nxt 😀

  • Tinisha king

    Can you upload more ?

  • roy

    Will u be posting main event tonight. Also was countdown on this week. Thx for all the content.

  • clair

    is there a post show for the nxt arrival ?

  • ahmed samo

    are u kidding me .., 30 min match !! what the hell .., am wwe universe and would like to take a look at nXt .., but it was boring .. . what’s the benefit nxt ??? and WWE is exist

  • Adam Clay

    Is anyone else’s having trouble loading video’s