Watch WWE Smackdown 5/24/13

Watch WWE Smackdown 5/24/13 – May 24th 2013 – 05/24/13


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Part 1 Part 2


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    KOFI comes in the ring for 2 mins and is taken out what aload of crap the shield are getting boring now and it is so pridictable its unreal i get that wwe is FAKE but at least make it interesting

  • yo

    The shield are getting pathetic now, all interesting at first but the wwe are making them invinsible for some reason. I’m fed up of the same bull. jbl says its a 3-on-3 and still the shield have the numbers game. yes you are right, and its because the rules change for the shield. they can have 3 legal men in the ring at once. but this match was the worst yet. one got rko’d the other brogue kicked into oblivion. seconds later te match is one by a shitty move and all 3 are back in the ring. all the kids in the crowd may go yeah we like this. but no fucker else doesn’t. we’re sick of them and I’m glad i don’t pay money to go and see it. no wonder my work mate only watches tna, he says wwe is for babies.