Watch WWE Smackdown 6/14/13

Watch WWE Smackdown 6/14/13 – June 14th 2013 – 06/14/13

Don’t forget to watch Payback live this Sunday for free right here.


Part 1 Part 2


Part 1 Part 2


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  • nick keymel

    kool i love this site

  • beekee


    • Auranga’BAD GUY’


  • WWEFan122402301

    When the Full Show will be uploaded?

  • Cm-punk fan

    in my country it comes after 8 hours. 22 : 00

    • cmpunkfan4life

      in my country it comes in 1:00 and i watch everything i don’t miss any WWE show

      • shreyash

        my country it comes one week later. and monday night raw airs on thrusday one week later

        • raw66

          1week !!!!!!!!!!!! what your country bro

          • Cm-punk fan

            I Can’t tell you but , in my opinion he lives somewhere in mars or moon.. So..

          • dav

            in india, raw is broadcast after week..

          • raw66


    • aistis slajus

      so your in the uk or ireland right/
      i am as well

  • cmpunkfan4life

    when the full damn show will uploaded???

  • X

    The shield has been defeated at last !

    • Auranga’BAD GUY’

      It’s a sad thing if you ask me.

    • Hssandesh Sam S

      s s s

  • X2


    • Auranga’BAD GUY’

      That’s damn funny.

  • fumaku

    What an awesome finish of this Episode of WWE Smackdown! You have to watch it!!!!! I’m from Germany and i watched it since a few Second on Sky Sport 2. It’s gonna be AWESOME!!!

    • raw66

      wie geht es dir

      • fumaku-fan -_-

        Sehr gut !

  • viper

    finally the shield is defeated

  • Glittergangster

    so khali’s chin, is that real or prosthetic?

  • BrockLesnarF5

    YES YES YES!!!!


    i like raw best because john cena is in it but smack down, nxt, main event
    and superstars are still good shows

  • u kuntta

    U loco.

  • Zifr0

    why it is not in english?


    Believe in team RKHELLNOO!!!

  • Hssandesh Sam S

    ryback rules

  • WillFoSkill

    Wow.. Antonio Cesaro didn’t even get an entrance this week.

    Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan are the unofficial faces of SD! in 2013.

    They’ve taken a backseat to Sheamus and Orton for too long!!

  • aistis slajus

    The shield are finally beat!!

  • Viivi Reini

    Why is there Spanish commentary on this SmackDown! ??

    • Viivi Reini

      oh, it only in HD 🙂

      • ProfessorCheese

        HD is now in English.

        • lordrvw

          for me it was first german now i dont even have HD only HDTV but doesn’t matter is good aswell

        • Viivi Reini

          thank you!! WWE shows dont air in Finland anymore, so I watch every show in here! Respect, this is greattt site!

  • Glittergangster

    IS the season for wwe superstars over?

    • ProfessorCheese

      No. Latest one coming soon.

      • Glittergangster

        thank you ProfessorCheese

  • Cm-punk fan


  • Stefan van den Dungen

    HD will not be uploaded or????

    • ProfessorCheese

      Added it. Had different language earlier.

  • Cnyautofreak

    judging by the hype reel CMPunk cant bitch about being ignored by “the WWE Machine” lol

  • marvin mcgill

    Do you know of any free full length movie websites