Watch WWE Smackdown 9/13/13

Watch WWE Smackdown 9/13/13 – September 13th 2013 – 09/06/13

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Part 1 Part 2

  • dude1981

    for the Moment i have to say it´s make more fun to watch tna then wwe because of hhh

    • Bradley Falla

      Triple H ruins the product for me, his time is long gone. But in all he is just playing his character.

  • Rahim Khan

    the weird thing about this is the fact that every single champion is a heel hope that changes at night of champions tomorrow.

  • Xayal Assadzade

    Triple H is annoying as COO, he was better as a singles wrestler

  • Xayal Assadzade

    It’s so hilarious when Big Show cries xDDD The Giant Monster cries like a 1 year old baby

  • Balader

    Daniel Bryan becomes Heavyweight champion and no one bats an eye . Daniel Bryan goes for WWE championship and everyone loses their mind!

  • John laa

    Why does the dailymotion videos keep skipping and repeating some parts of the video through the video ?

  • TheOtherGuy

    LOL the reunion of awesome truth

  • Mario

    Why does Dailymotion work so crap on the playbook? Proffeser Cheese PLEASE FIX!!!!!!!!

  • yo

    santino please fukc off you crap wrestler with no moves and a stupid sock that knocks people out, yeah right