Watch WWE Total Divas Season 1 Episode 10
Watch WWE Total Divas S01E10 – November 17th, 2013 – 11/17/13

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  • BestInTheWorld

    dem dildos ! hahaha niki u nasty

    • Bradley Falla

      Girl has to do what a girl gotta do.

  • Cloud

    wtf is 404 hit back buddy or something

    • DJBlackJack187

      Means server timed out. 404 is the error code. it prompts you to hit back or reload the page so you can watch wrestling or divas at your viewing pleasure.

  • cmpunkfan4life

    One Of The Greatest Shows I Have Ever Watched!!

  • Hie

    Lol , not the biggest Cena fan , but in this episode , you could rlly see how much John loves WWE (10:00-12:00) , I kind of start liking him after this .. I mean he s been in WWE since I was a kid , can’t just simply hate him :l ….

  • yerson

    I would eat all the pussy of nikki haha XD

    • Mj Macy

      Dream on ! – Aerosmith !!

  • Da Danny

    nikki <3<3 suck on ma balls bitch

  • Courtney

    I’m no professional but Eva Marie’s voice when she was announcing 3MB and The Usos?! I was doing the same as what Nikki was doing! #coveryourears
    I loved it when Trinity was spraying her perfume all over Jon!! #epic
    Awsome epsiode cannot wait for next Sunay! #TotalDivas

    • Hi


      • Bradley Falla

        Sure isn’t.

        • Jibzy

          Maybe he/she sign in disqus using Twitter?

  • Andy

    What was this paper that nikki has to sign?

    • jack

      A cohabitation agreement is a form of legal agreement reached between a couple who have chosen to live together. In some ways, such a couple may be treated like a married couple, such as when applying for a mortgage or working out child support

      • ross

        You literally copied and pasted a terrible definition from Wiki..

        • Mj Macy

          U were so smart to go read it in wiki and not here !

  • Chuck Norris

    The file isn’t there. You can’t watch it.

    • Bradley Falla

      Working for me.

  • Evanman123

    I wish someone could post episode 11 because it’s getting good!!!!!!

    • Bradley Falla

      I don’t believe it has been released yet.

  • Lolli

    Jiggalow This *farts*, Classic! 😀

  • ? BABY L ?

    i want layla as part of total divas

    • Shea Shea

      Some of the Divas were asked to be apart of it but they said no. Like AJ for example she said at comic con when someone asked her about Total Divas she said no because she’s not okay with cameras following her around. Divas work 300 days some of them don’t want cameras following them around

  • Hanna

    How long until episode 11??!!

  • Zen Masters

    hate those funkadactolls why the hell are they even in wwe have layla on total divas

    • Dee

      diversity is needed and the funckadats or kool especially Trinity

  • Jibzy

    Hey, I dont get the problem of nikki and john cena?