Watch WWE Total Divas Season 1 Episode 9
Watch WWE Total Divas S01E09 – November 10th, 2013 – 11/10/13


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  • WWEFan

    thanks admin


    vinnie is hilarious

    • Bradley Falla

      Felonious Gru.

  • <3td

    I love watching total divas it makes raw and smackdown way more interesting!!<3

    • Bradley Falla

      I can’t even understand who is face or heel on RAW or SD because of this show.

  • cmpunkfan4life


  • Goran(Cena Fan )


  • bobby bobby

    they should call it totally annoying slut faces, that’s what they are.

  • Bryan4Life

    eva sucks … she looks like a fuckin slut and she can’t wrestle -.-

    • Karan Athrey

      Thank you for saying that!! I HATE EVA MARIE!!

  • AXinc

    Cena Wow what an asshole, poor Nikki

    • Hie

      Watch the Ep to it s end , lol . Watching b4 judging ? …

  • BestInTheWorld

    eva is fucking cocky as hell , and she cant even wrestle .. back to NXT bitch.

    • Bixby

      The women in NXT actually HAVE a personality (a character)… Eva is totally charisma-free!

      • BestInTheWorld

        yeah paige much way better than her , paige should be at raw not that fucking slut,,

      • Bradley Falla

        Where is Paige and Emma call them up!



  • king


  • DanielBryanYES!

    Eva in her matches on RAW and Smackdown were shitter than the shit that comes out of her mouth.

    • Bradley Falla

      Yeah she is Eva Marie and she is here to make a name for herself! She is terrible!

  • DanielBryanYES!

    The only good thing about Eva Marie’s matches were when the other divas were wrestling like Natayla and Brie Bella.

    • Bradley Falla

      Natalya is awesome!

  • LaylasKid

    is there other parts to this vid?

    • ProfessorCheese

      No, this is the full show.

      • ? BABY L ?

        thank u 😉

  • andres


  • Rob Bull

    nice to know that alicia fox sounds stupid in real life haha

  • Tomee

    OMG, what’s going on with Natalya again? I mean I guess accidents like this happen but a normal person wouldn’t blame the other and would probably be too ashamed to tell even the other, who is supposed to be a friend. Bad writing.

  • Tomee

    BTW, shouldn’t this be season 2 episode1?

    • ProfessorCheese

      No, it’s still on season 1. There was a mid-break apparently.

  • Courtney

    So psyched for next weeks episode! And this Season! #TotalDivas

  • dimond

    bobby bobby just do us all a favour and shut up

  • anon

    eva just get lost. Nikki is much better than u. so keep dreaming that u will be better than her. she is better than u in wrestling. u dont look like a wrestler at all. more a whore. get lost from wwe.

  • sandra

    where is episode 10?

  • where in hell is episode 10 ????

  • D’Angelo Eddy Dinero

    Why the hell people hating on Eva Marie? Yall need to stop after all she aint hire she self is WWE do so they should a make sure she can wrestle before signing her

  • XXX

    wow.. seriously?? this bitch did that? she get out of the car and started insulting the other woman?? omg.. when stefany learns that she is OUT

  • brelyn

    Say what you want about Eva, but she makes this show more interesting.

  • brelyn

    Ariane is extremely annoying.