Watch WWF Attitude Era (Year 1998)

Watch the entire Attitude Era (Year 1998) HD. It has all the RAW episodes and PPVs full shows free online in 720p HD quality from WWE Network. Each date is a full episode of RAW or PPV.


You can download these videos directly with and stream it on your computer or phone/tablet. Click here for the tutorial.

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Dailymotion auto rejects most of these videos and doesn’t let you upload full shows so I could only upload them on Openload.


1/5/98 1/12/98 1/18/98 PPV 1/19/98 1/26/98


2/2/98 2/9/98 2/15/98 PPV 2/16/98 2/23/98


3/2/98 3/9/98 3/16/98 3/23/98 3/29/98 PPV 3/30/98


4/6/98 4/13/98 4/20/98 4/26/98 PPV 4/27/98


5/4/98 5/11/98 5/18/98 5/25/98 5/31/98 PPV


6/1/98 6/8/98 6/15/98 6/22/98 6/28/98 PPV 6/29/98


7/6/98 7/13/98 7/20/98 7/26/98 PPV 7/27/98


8/3/98 8/10/98 8/17/98 8/24/98 8/30/98 PPV


9/5/98 9/12/98 9/14/98 9/21/98 9/27/98 PPV 9/28/98


10/5/98 10/12/98 10/18/98 PPV 10/19/98 10/26/98


11/2/98 11/9/98 11/15/98 PPV 11/16/98 11/23/98 11/30/98


12/7/98 12/13/98 PPV 12/14/98 12/21/98 12/28/98


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  • ProfessorCheese

    WWF 1998 RAW & PPV HD links have been posted. More to come as I continue the reupload all in HD. You can either download or watch it online.

    • Anthony Comeau

      just wondering, will you be doing the Ruthless Aggression era since WWE network has some of the episodes?

      • ProfessorCheese

        I might do that after WCW but those won’t be on downloadable though. Because I reached my storage limit there. It will be online from Openload.

        • Anthony Comeau

          ok. i only stream the vids anyway

    • wwe4life1987

      Hi can you get the live ppv’s 1998-2002 uploaded?

      • ProfessorCheese

        What live ppvs do you mean? If there’s any PPV missing, sure let me know.

        • kennny

          can someone help me with codes to the attitude ear 1997-2002 they don’t work and can the guy to runs this site upload wwf raw 1993-1996 please…

  • MDF87

    What’s the password to download the Mega files? The buttons to show the key/password don’t do anything!

    • andrew

      !RjyKJeWEIZTdLK2XuIWp7w thats for raw

      !FZblNGZ3-WJmgFG4abxjew thats for ppv

      • Kwang The Ninja

        Hey, Andrew what are the codes for 1997 these codes only seem to work with 1998

  • yandel veguilla

    I really appreciate you taking the time to reupload all these videos again ProfessorCheese. This was my childhood! I hope you reupload the rest of the years (99,00,01,02,03,04) Thanks man you rock!

  • Elias Kaos Odunlami

    Hi ProfessorCheese, really appreciated the work you did. Is there a way to fix the security certificates on the uploads? I can no longer watch them

    • ProfessorCheese

      Sorry I need to see the an image of the error to find solution. Try different browser maybe. It should be working for you too.

      • Elias Kaos Odunlami

        All working now. Thanks Professor

  • matthew

    all the videos are not working for me


    We Want Links

  • proiko

    It’s not working

    • ProfessorCheese

      They’re working fine. Wait some time to load the video or download it.

      • The Dynamite Kid

        hey man where’d 1997 Attitude Era go?

  • Tuner Stevensson

    The PPV in October isnt the good one! Thx for all the shows! Bring back good memories..

    • ProfessorCheese

      That’s now fixed.

  • Thomas

    Hi ProfessorCheese, you will add capital carnage 1998?

  • Chris123

    its says “error:file too big to be reliable memorywise” or something…any idea?

    • Dizzorted

      try Chrome, i had the issue with firefox

  • The Dynamite Kid

    any chance of uploading the Golden Era? From 1983-1991? Love all your HD Attitude Era uploads! Thanks a ton.

  • wwe4life1987

    Mega will not let me download its asking for me to join them i did and its taking forever to load the page why?

  • george

    Hi professorcheese, thanks a lot for uploading all these attitude era episodes. much appreciated. just one question, was it not possible to upload them on dailymotion? because open load constantly gives me problems, always lagging and buffers way too much. dailymotion never get me that problem. Thanks @ProfessorCheese:disqus !

    • Thomas

      Becuse Dailymotion auto rejects most of these videos and doesn’t let you upload full shows

  • AbS

    Where is the PPV Capital Carnage 1998?

  • Antonius

    The Files are not working on my iPad

  • Antonius

    The Openload Videos now have a dark screen that doesn’t play.

  • Antonius

    Something is wrong with the videos.

  • Michael Colbourne

    Downloaded them and they won’t play…

    • Michael Colbourne

      There is an error message. The only one that works is the 12.28.98 video.

      • Michael Colbourne


  • LazyGamer

    WWF Capital Carnage December 6, 1998 is missing from the 1998 PPVs.

    Otherwise fantastic work.

  • MohamedBahgat

    Thanks For This Amazing Year And Give Us More From Beginning Of WWE Like 2003 And 2004

  • Abraham Gilbert

    Have the videos been removed

  • Adam Gonzales

    there all gone apparently

  • geogeo

    WWF.Raw.Is.War.1998.06.08 is missing please fix it

  • geogeo

    WWF.Raw.Is.War.1998.06.08 this hasn’t been fixed yet! fix it please

  • Iliriam

    Thank you